Wednesday, September 16, 2015


You bet your ass!

I'm usually pretty unflappable, but I will be unexpectedly moving in a week to a different apartment.   My landlord wants to convert my small duplex into studio apartments, and he has offered me a place he also owns just down the street. But because of months of draggy negotiations (No, don't move, Yes, move), I'm suddenly being rushed. Frazzle is because of the last-minute decision by landlord and the need to organize 17 years of accumulated "stuff"! .

I'll probably not be writing a September blog column---will need to catch my breath first! Sorry about that! And October is busy---I'll be promoting my latest book, MY LADY GLORIANA, giving a talk at our local Romance Writers' meeting, and doing a book signing at a local Romance Conference later in the month.

But I'll be collecting lots of juicy "moving" stories---and rants!---for future blog entries.

Wonder of wonders! A ray of sunshine has just appeared to brighten my funk. My publisher has just informed me that, though MLG isn't officially due out until November, it's already available in e-book and paperback format. Do check it out.

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